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Dad John Fitzgerald joins Oregon DeMolay

Dad John Fitzgerald joins Oregon DeMolay

Congratulations Dad Elden Porter! Welcome to Oregon Dad John Fitzgerald!
Dad Sprague is happy to announce he’s made the following appointments to serve the members of our jurisdiction.

Elden Porter – Assistant Executive Officer
John Fitzgerald – State Dad Advisor

*A message from Dad John Fitzgerald


I was initiated into DeMolay in 1987 into Vancouver Chapter in Washington DeMolay. However, I am fourth generation in North Bank Masonic Lodge #182 in Washougal, WA, and somewhere there is a picture of me in a bassinet in the East when my mother was Worth Matron of her Eastern Star Chapter and my father was Worshipful Master of the lodge. I grew up with the Masonic Family, and was most proud to be able to remove my SMC collar at Conclave Installation and put on my Masonic Apron and my Shrine Fez as I was able to progress through the initiations of my Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, and Shrine during my SMC year of 1995-96. I was master of North Bank Lodge in 1999 and 2000. Starting as an assistant counselor at DLC, while I was a state officer, I have worked at 15 or more leadership camps, and look forward to working more with Dad Gross Jr. to advance the DLC experience going forward.

I have been Teaching English abroad from 2004-2020 and had the pleasure to work in lodges in Turkey, Zambia, and Japan. Sadly, Freemasonry is illegal in the other countries I worked in, namely, China and the UAE (Dubai), and the Grand Lodges of Washington State and Lithuania do not yet have mutual recognition. There were some \”dark\” years there for me and the Masonic Family. However, in nearly every International School I worked in, I would work with the student government officers. They might not have known it, but were planning quality DeMolay Term Plans by the time I moved on to the next school.

I look forward to working with Oregon DeMolay, the State Corps, and everyone involved with our beloved fraternity. Let\’s let our light so shine, and take Oregon DeMolay to the heights of our dreams.

Dad John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald
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