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Oregon DeMolay Endowment Foundation educational scholarships available now! 

Oregon DeMolay Endowment Foundation educational scholarships available now! 

Applications for the DeMolay Endowment Foundation educational scholarships are available now!  Please review or

Foundation Scholarships for a downloadable or online completion application form.  Applications and additional documents can be submitted electronically through that web site.  Deadline is May 1, 2024.

The DeMolay Endowment Foundation of Oregon, Inc. awards annual higher education scholarships to current and senior members of Oregon DeMolay.  Generally, four or more scholarships ranging in value from $500 to $3 ,500 are available.   Scholarships are for studies at accredited two or four year institutions or accredited trade schools.   Priority is for scholarships for full-time study.  Part-time study scholarships can be considered based on credits planned and taken:  3 to 6 credits, up to $500; 9 credits, up to $750.

Under present guidelines, active and senior DeMolays are eligible to apply through age 25.  Scholarships are awarded based on DeMolay service, financial need, and academic merit after review of an application, transcripts, FAFSA reports and letters of recommendation.  Recipients are announced at the annual Oregon DeMolay Convention.

Please review the application for information on required submission documents in addition to the application and for terms and conditions of the scholarships.

The Foundation is looking forward to an application from you or for your referral to an interested and qualified DeMolay.

Warren Cole, Foundation Scholarship Committee

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