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Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame

Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame

Fellow DeMolays, Senior DeMolays, and Master Masons of Oregon,

As part of the Centennial Celebration of Oregon DeMolay, it is my pleasure to announce the creation, purpose, and date of the first Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame Induction to be held next May at the DeMolay State Convention.

For 100 years young men of Oregon have joined our Order and experienced the brotherhood and opportunities for personal excellence and leadership growth. As we reach Majority, many DeMolays continue on a lifetime journey of service to others, whether in the Masonic Fraternity, or in Government, the Military, or Philanthropy.  In some cases, many Senior DeMolays have excelled in other arenas such as Sports, Entertainment, Business and Education.

The Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame has been created to recognize excellence and the great contributions of Oregon DeMolays from these past 100 years of DeMolay in Oregon.  As a tribute to our brethren who have served our Order, and indeed made a difference for the greater society, I invite you to nominate a Senior DeMolay from an Oregon Chapter who deserves this special recognition this Centennial year.

For the Centennial Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame Induction, nominations will begin June 1, 2022 and conclude August 31, 2022.

This is an event of celebration of a rich and accomplished past, but more importantly will serve as an inspiration and pride for all DeMolays, Senior DeMolays, and members of the Masonic Family throughout Oregon … a salute and tribute to our Brethren that lived their lives with excellence, dedication to others, and achievement.

Over 100 years ago our Founder Dad Frank Sherman Land created our Great Order with a vision that provided young men everywhere the opportunity that would build not only strong character through the precepts DeMolay teaches, but also the strong belief and the experience to be leaders and make a difference in the lives of others.

Join us in recognizing the leaders of our rich history as we progress into our next 100 years of Oregon DeMolay.

William K. Clark, PIMC
Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame Committee
(C) 503.809.9335

Oregon DeMolay Hall of Fame
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